The Pease Brothers: An Uncommon Bond, An Iron Will

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Some things are simply impossible. Until someone shows us they’re not. At today’s club meeting, we heard from brothers Brent and Kyle Pease, who have completed multiple IRONMAN triathlons together. Impressive enough, but there is a catch. Kyle Pease has cerebral palsy and has spent his life in a wheelchair.

Remarkably, that hasn’t stopped the two brothers from competing together in triathlons since 2011 and IRONMAN competitions since 2013. Using specially designed equipment, Brent and Kyle complete races that consist of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile cycling course and a 26.2-mile marathon – in that order and without a break. Brent swims with Kyle in a kayak behind him, rides with Kyle on a special tandem bike, and runs with Kyle in a push-chair. Kyle, for his part, endures a spectacular amount of discomfort while urging Brent to stay focused and never give up.

On October 13, just two weeks before addressing the club, Brent and Kyle fulfilled a long-held dream to compete and finish at Kona, the world championships of IRONMAN triathlons, making Kyle Pease the first Kona finisher in history with cerebral palsy.

When asked how it is physically possible to complete an IRONMAN while doing three times the work, Brent said, “I think it’s easier with Kyle.”

You have to hear their story in their own words to do it justice. Listen to the Pease Brother’s amazing story here, part of our “Leadership in Action” podcast series.

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