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Steven Eisman Explains “The Big Short” … 10 Years Later

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Steve Eisman is famous for being one of the few investors to profitably bet against leveraged subprime mortgage securities, identifying the imminent financial crisis. He was the leading “real-life character” in Michael Lewis’ best-selling book “The Big Short” and was depicted by actor Steve Carell in the movie of the same name. The movie was a major success and introduced Steven to viewers worldwide.

On September 24, almost exactly 10 years after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and kicked off the financial crash that would soon be known as the Great Recession, Steve – now managing director of investment firm Neuberger Berman – shared his insider’s view of the root causes of the crash and what has changed since then. The good news is it’s not all bad news. But find out for yourself by listening to the podcast of Steve’s talk.

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