Rotary Club of Atlanta Task Force Battles Human Trafficking

It’s an awful thing to contemplate, but due to a variety of factors, Atlanta has become a hub for buying and selling humans. The Rotary Club of Atlanta saw an opportunity to change this reality of Atlanta, and with this vision, the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force was assembled.

The Task Force is working hard to help put a stop to the human trafficking crisis in Atlanta, collaborating with major companies to accelerate programs already be in place and create a forum to share ideas and work together to drive change.

Task Force Members:

  • Ted Blum, Chair

  • Paul Beckham

  • Peter Berg

  • Martha Brooks

  • Rodney Bullard

  • Gray Campbell

  • J. Cannon Carr

  • Millard Choate

  • Cynthia Day

  • Clark Dean

  • Bob Hope

  • Tad Hutcheson

  • Billy Levine

  • David Lewis

  • David Moody

  • Allen Nelson

  • William Pate

  • Maria Saporta

  • Pat Upshaw-Monteith

Atlanta business leaders understand that unity among major Atlanta corporations is the key to attacking the demand for human trafficking and ending this calamity. The Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force is committed to continuing advocacy against the epidemic through collaboration of Atlanta-based businesses and organizations.

Over the next two years, roundtable meetings will be hosted by the Task Force, where major companies will come together to discuss various aspects of human trafficking in their industries. Each session will be led by a different Task Force member, and sessions are expected to begin in January 2019.

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