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May 16, 2022 - (Full Program) Dr. Wayne Koff, CEO, Human Immunomics Initiative

Dr. Wayne Koff, CEO, Human Immunomics Initiative,

Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

“The Next Moonshot: Predictive AI and Your Immune System”

Immunomics - the study of immune system regulation and response to pathogens (bad things) using genome-wide (full set of DNA) approaches.

Think preparing to go to the moon was difficult in 1962? By 2050 one sixth of the global population will be adults over 65 who will have the corresponding age-related immune system decline. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different – one size does not fit all. But what if your specific body chemistry, could be matched with viral solutions, delivered in the vehicle best suited for you? A longer life? A healthier fourth quarter? Speedier pandemic relief to a larger audience?

Join moderator Ambassador Mary Ann Peters Monday as we hear how the best minds in the immunomics field are intensely collaborating with artificial intelligence and generational data to develop more personalized, flexible solutions for making drugs smarter, better and more ubiquitous.


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