Improving Lives in the Mountains of Honduras

You’ve probably never heard of the Agalta Valley, but the Rotary Club of Atlanta has been making an impact there for years.

Honduras has a per capita income that ranks 107th in the world, and the Agalta Valley is the poorest area of the country. For over 25 years, Honduras Outreach Inc., a faith-based organization, has been operating in the Agalta Valley to build schools, medical clinics and work with mountain villages on a variety of initiatives designed to improve lives. 

Working with Honduras Outreach, in 1998 Rotary Club of Atlanta member Bob Hope organized the “Wilderness Team,” a group of Rotarians and business leaders who spend at least one week every year to work with the people of the Agalta Valley on education and various community development projects. The Wilderness Team consists of members from several Rotary clubs in Georgia including Alpharetta, Athens, Bremen, Gainesville, Roswell and Stone Mountain.  Now, approximately 70 Wilderness Team members take the trip each spring, and it is the only group assigned to working with the schools. But, they also work in the medical clinics, in villages and install water filters in homes.

Residents of the Agalta Valley need better education, health care and help with economic and community development. Over the years, the Wilderness Team’s projects have touched all of these areas, and in 2012, working with the Rotary Club of Juticalpa, Honduras, The Rotary Club of Atlanta obtained a $50,000 grant from Rotary International Foundation to provide a computer lab in the schools, as well as a sewing program, science lab, library books, cooking equipment and other supplies for the schools. Atlanta Rotary has funded a new roof for the elementary school and updated the computer lab in recent years.

Interested in joining the Wilderness Team? Contact Bob Hope and lend a hand to an annual project that participants describe as “life-changing,” for the Hondurans and themselves.

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