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August 29, 2022 -  Local News: Vanishing and Vital

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Penny McPhee with panelists: Bill Nigut - GPB, Tracie Powell - Pivot Fund, and Scot Morrissey

Local News: Vanishing and Vital

As 25% of newspapers in America have shuttered in the past twenty years, and 50% of newsroom jobs have disappeared, we’ll hear from members of today’s eco-system of local news entities. We’ll have a panel of veteran print, broadcast and digital journalists talk to us about their fight against disinformation, their efforts to cover public affairs with diminishing resources and how they are working together so that all Georgians get accurate information to base their decisions and opinions on.

Our panel will consist of:

Bill Nigut, Senior Executive Producer, Georgia Public Broadcasting

Tracie Powell, CEO & Founder, The Pivot Fund

Scot Morrissey, President and Publisher, Albany Herald

The introduction will be by Jennifer Dorian, CEO of WABE and will be moderated by our former fellow club member, Penelope McPhee, philanthropy advisor, author, former journalist and founding partner of the Georgia News Collaboration.


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