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Atlanta Rotary Podcast: Panel on Clean Water

Mark Rosenberg, MD, MPP, was president and chief executive officer (CEO) of The Task Force for Global Health from 2000-2016. Under Dr. Rosenberg’s leadership, The Task Force grew to be one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country.

David Allison, editor of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, will moderate the panel.  He has traveled to rural Honduras a dozen times and has a general understanding of issues related to poor sanitation and lack of potable water in developing countries.  As reference to all, the CDC supplied us with the latest information of the global status of drinking water from the World Health Organization

Felker Ward, a member of our club who co-led the Kenyan water project of our club which started 17 years ago and was very active for three years.  It involved hundreds of thousands of dollars to dig wells to supply clean water in two different initiatives in Kenya.  The wells and the organizations put in place to maintain the wells are still working well, according to the CDC, which helped on the project.  This project won global awards for excellence.  Felker will tell about the experience, what was learned and the process. 

John O’Neill has just returned from Kenya where he and his family worked on installing waterfilters in homes.  He will give his impressions from his trip.

Jerry Eickhoff is CEO of HOI, which operates missions in Honduras, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.  In rural Honduras, HOI has led the effort to install 4,000 water filters in homes over the past four years, a project monitored by the CDC.  It has provided clean water to 35,000 people and the health improvement results have been remarkable.  He will tell about that project and what has been learned.  As an aside, the Atlanta Rotary group has installed 500 of those filters.

Adam Mosley is with Uzima Water Filters.  It is the filter used in both Kenya and Honduras and was selected by the CDC as the most effective and practical filter for use in homes in rural settings in developing countries.  He will talk about what Uzima has learned and demonstrate how the waterfilters work, as well as address some to the real world issues faced by families living in these areas – such as how heavy a bucket of water is and what a challenge it would be to carry buckets of water long distances daily.

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