Below are the highlights for our 2014-2015 community and international support/projects:

 The Youth Service Fund provided $155,000 to the following overnight, accredited camping programs for youth:  American   Lung Association-Camp Breathe Easy, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, Boy   Scouts of America, Camp Fire Georgia, Camp Kudzu, Camp Sunshine, Foster  Siblings Reunited dba Camp-to-Belong, Children's Healthcare Atlanta  Camp Krazy Legs, Epilepsy-Camp Carpe Diem, FOCUS-   Camp Infinity, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Kanuga Conferences, Kate's   Club Camp Good Mourning, Special Olympics Georgia State Summer Games, Wilderness   Works Camp Glisson and YMCA of Metro Atlanta  Camp High Harbour. 

Think of all those young, smiling faces having fun.  We supported hundreds who probably would   not have been there had it not been for the support of our members.


The Rotary Educational Foundation of Atlanta provided support to the following literacy programs in the amount of $152,000: Children's Literature for Children, the  East Lake Foundation’s Drew Charter School, Educational Advisory Foundation, Everybody Wins, KIPP, LaAmistad Animate, Odyssey, The Study Hall and the Woodruff Arts Center’s Arts for Learning.


A small group of our members visited and delivered  books valued at over $6,000.00 to the Latin Academy to help stock their library last fall.  This May  several members attended and hosted a luncheon held at the CDC to thank their volunteers who were working long hours during the Ebola crisis. 


All Rotarians in Georgia are providing support for the upcoming 2017 Rotary International Convention both with time and financial support. 


The Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) brought 70 students to the U.S. to attend school and act as future ambassadors in their home countries.  Our student for this year, Asger Holst-Hansen is scheduled to arrive in Atlanta in about 10 days so make a point of meeting and getting to know him.  He will be attending Georgia State University so we are in hopes that he will be at our Monday meetings frequently.