Maintaining good attendance is paramount to the Rotary Club of Atlanta. For your information, we are listing below a summary of attendance rules.




The membership of any member who is absent from four consecutive regular weekly meetings of the Club or whose percentage of attendance is less than 50% during the first or second six months of the Club’s fiscal year (July-June) shall automatically terminate, unless such absence is made up or excused by the Board of Directors for good and sufficient reason.




Absence from any meeting may be made up by attendance at a regular meeting of another Rotary Club on any of the FOURTEEN DAYS PRECEDING OR FOLLOWING the Club’s meeting, provided notice of such attendance is given to the Rotary office (email, fax or mail).



A member may also receive make-up credit for attendance at regularly scheduled monthly committee meetings (e.g. Membership, Program, etc.) of the Club.  Once per month a civic meeting of an organization that is represented in the Club (e.g. United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.) may be used as a makeup.  All makeups should be reported in writing to the Rotary office, i.e. email, fax or mail.




A Club member may be excused for illness exceeding two weeks or travel outside the United States*, with written or verbal notification to the Club office. 



A member may be excused when the Club meeting conflicts with a member’s religious holiday, with written notification to the Club office. 



Full credit will be given for Rotary Outings and the Rotary Holiday Party when an R.S.V.P. is received from the member, whether or not they attend the event.




At least 40% of all scheduled meetingsin both six month periods of the Rotary year (July-December or January-June) must be attended at the Rotary Club of Atlanta.




A member whose aggregate age and years of membership in one or more Clubs is 85 years or more can notify the Club secretary in writing of the their desire to be excused from attendance.  The Secretary will present to the board for approval at the next scheduled meeting.