Loudermilk Conference Center
      40 Courtland Street


12:15 to 1:30
Luncheon Charge $20 
Meetings are restricted to Rotarians or
guests of Rotarians


 "Rotary-A Legacy of Friendship" 

Founded in 1913, The Rotary Club of Atlanta frequently has been honored by Rotary International as one of its truly outstanding affiliates.  In fact, our members refer to our club, with some justification, as "the world's greatest Rotary Club."

With 500+ members, Atlanta Rotary is one of the largest Rotary Clubs. It has been a long tradition that a member of the Club must be a key leader in his or her field, a person of integrity whose sense of values includes an obligation of community service. The Club is pleased that not one week goes by that does not bring recognition of one — and usually several — of its members for significant leadership of a major civic enterprise.

Our members led the way in support of Rotary International Foundation's effort to eradicate polio. Many are extraordinary patrons of art, education, politics and many other worthwhile causes and institutions. Most importantly, they give their time and lend their influence to causes they and Rotary support.